It has been said that these orphaned and abandoned children comprise the single largest harvest field for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but sadly it is generally a forgotten harvest field.

We believe that something must be done to help the lost and dying homeless children. As Christians we believe that all children deserve a home where they can be raised in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” [Eph 6:4]. This nurturing involves the whole being…spirit, soul and body. We must carry the Love of the Father to these little ones and demonstrate His Love by rescuing them and caring for them as unto the Lord.
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Dr. Ron & Anna Sherman
Children need...
...A loving family environment in which to live...not a "child warehouse"
Godly mother and father who model the family of God....not a "staff" of caretakers
...A home where they are taught that they are special and they can be filled with hope about the
    plan God has for their life
...A home where they are taught that first, a Biblical education and secondly, a secular education
    are the foundations of a successful future
...A home where they are bathed in love and acceptance
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Childrens Home
Dr. Ron & Anna Sherman